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About us
Be Friends Switzerland was the realisation of dreams of a handful of young men gathered on a beautiful Sunday evening at Zurich in 2002. They had taken a decision to form a club of their own to create bonds between their families. After a month's time their wish came true. There were 31 founder members.

One of the unique facts about the club was the byLaw, which clearly defines that only families could be members. All programmes are meant for families, like family get together, family excursion, family sports etc. With this uniqueness Family Club grown through year by year strengthening the family bonds, member fellowships and fraternity.

By the year 2022 the Club has a membership of 193 families and the need and objectives are much wider than before. At present the Club plays a vital role to integrate the Indian community in Switzerland by organising cultural shows at regular intervals and perform charity works wherever need arises within the limit of resources available.




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