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Be Friends Switzerland was the realisation of dreams of a handful of young men gathered on a beautiful Sunday evening at Zurich in 2002. They had taken a decision to form a club of their own to create bonds between their families. After a month’s time their wish came true. There were 31 founder members. By the year 2023 the Club has a membership of 240 families.

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Womens Forum

Women always engender invaluable contribution to the society at all times. They play manifold roles in all spheres of life by overcoming hard circumstances. But most of their contributions remain unrecognized and unaccredited. Their multifarious talents go wasted.

Youth Forum

Youth Forum provides a platform for the youth in a particular area to come together, meet, discuss and plan activities for their own development as well as that of the society. Youth being the major human resource, their energies and potential should be channelized and mobilized for development of the society through formation of Youth Clubs.

Charity Projects

In addition to ensuring the advancement of the Swiss Malayalis in the arts, culture and sports arenas, the B Friends organization has been a golden light of goodness for many years with the aim of helping those who are struggling in the race of destiny in their native land.


Promote cultural innovations through openness to new...


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Mutual respect is fundamental to a thriving organisation. Value....

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