Dear Friends,

Hopefully you all are celebrated Christmas in joy and peace.

As we approach the end of yet another colourful year and as we enter yet another New Year. New Year is the time to bid farewell to the old year and welcome the coming year. On behalf of Be Friends executive committee, I would like wish you all a Happy New Year.

Well this is the last massage from me as a President of Be Friends for the year 2022-23 .Time does not stand still for any of us, and my third term as president of the Be Friends Switzerland draws to a close.

We have made great impact in the community for the last 21 years,  Today club as a pioneer association in Switzerland. I can say with great pride and satisfaction that our accomplishments will certainly have long lasting impact in Switzerland malayalee Community.

As outgoing President, I would like to extend a big thanks to everyone who has helped to make this term so productive and delightful, specially thanks to our Secretary Mr.Bob Thadathil for his hard work and dedication. Also thanks to Treasurer Mr.Binny Vengappallil for the good financial control. Also I would like to, express my debt of gratitude to the members of the executive for the great teamwork and for their invaluable support and advice throughout.

Specially thanks to Arts Convenor  Sebastian Kavungal,Sports Convenor Reji Paul ,Women’s Forum Coordinators ,other programme coordinators , youths , children and thanks to Jose Pellisery and his team for the Onam food preparation and coordination. I would also like to thank the members for doing such a great job in promoting the club. As president I have received a lot of credit for the success we achieved during the past two years, but that success was a true team effort.

I am very much delighted to see the progress Be Friends had attained during the past years. Braving all odds, Be Friends had grown strength to strength, year after year with the profuse support and co-operation of our members and the Swiss Malayalee community.

The journey will be hard and challenging. There will be obstacle along the way. There will be disagreements. But at the end, we will act and come together to achieve our goals. Now, let me elaborate a little on the happier aspect. All the activities that we organised evoked a very warm response from the members and from public.

In the past two years we have witnessed:

A- Great Public Support and Participation for our all our Events,

B- Beginning of the Be Friends Nursing Excellence Awards

C- More relationship with the Indian Embassy was achieved

D, Success of all Association events -financially and Public support.

E, Utsav – has emerged as a major attraction event in Europe

F, The highest public participation for the Onam Events.

G, Colourful Onam Celebration with Celebrities.

H, Colourful Dance choreography with Choreographers for Onam event.

I, More Dance groups participants from Members for Onam event.

J, I -Share Charity Projects – starting two major charity works.

K ,Published  Association new web portal

L, Year in which the largest number of families joined the organization

M, Highest financial turnover of the club history

N, Great media support for our all public events.

O, Timing updating of Association Portal and highest hits from public.

P,  Magazine published on 20th anniversary – Smritilayam

Dear Members ,without you, it would have been impossible to achieve all what we have mentioned above. And now, while I hand the rudder to another fellow, with whole hearted I believe that she will continue the path and I remain on the new committee and offer my full support to the committee.

As outgoing President, at this moment I am having ambivalent feeling: feeling of happiness; and feeling of sorrow. Feeling of happiness for what I could do for the cause of the Association and feeling of sorrow for the dreams, which could not be realized, till my president ship.

This is a new milestone for the organization as a women’s team has been selected to lead the organization for the next two years.I am confident that our incoming President, will guide our club to even higher levels of achievement in the coming years. Congratulations and best wishes to Incoming President Lucy Vezhaparambil,Secretary Pushpa Thadathil ,Treasurer Sangeetha Maniyeri and the incoming Board, for other great years! The newly elected board-




All the best for the year ahead.  You bring enthusiasm and a determination to build a better club, which I think are outstanding.  You are going to have a fantastic year, and I’m looking forward to working alongside you to help make it all happen.  So, the time has come and, with great pleasure, I now hand over to Lucy and her team.

Thank you once again for the wonderful support and wish you all Prosperous New Year 2024.

I’ve said it before, but the real value of this club is its members – their skills, talents, personalities, and sense of fun and enjoyment.  Thank you to you all.

I repeat my gratitude to all of you, assuring that I will remain the fellow who works and gives with dedication, love and selflessness.


Tomy Thondamkuzhy
Outgoing President, Be Friends Switzerland
076 343 28 62