Tomy Thondamkuzhy (Message-date-15.06.2011)

Onbehalf of Be Friends executive Committee ,I would like to refresh you once moreregarding our upcoming mega event Thiruvonam 2011 will be held on 3rd September2011 at Heslihalle,Kusnacht,Zurich.

Thepreparations are underway and a lot more to do to make the programme a bigsuccess. We need your full support and participation by all means. Pleaseinform your relatives and friends about our Onam celebration also inform aboutthe great Onasadhya and colourful Cultural event. In connection with the Onamcelebrations we are conducting this year also “Best Dress Award”. 

As Be Friends members, youhave provided boundless support and great encouragement in the past our allevents. The executive committee this year also expects your full support to ournext mega event 2011. Remember Be Friends lives in our hearts and its soul isshared equally by each one of us. 

Letus work together to make the Onam Programme 2011 a grand success.


Tomy Thondamkuzhy

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